Vallejo Oils wins the Gold Medal at the Olive Oil Awards Zurich 2022

Vallejo Oils wins the Gold Medal at the Olive Oil Awards Zurich 2022

This year, these awards have evaluated a total of 123 participants from 11 different countries. In this edition, a total of 29 Spanish oils have participated.

The organization, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, has awarded 10 Gold Medal awards, among which is Vallejo Oils, 22 with a Silver Medal and 20 with a Bronze Medal, highlighting the ever-increasing quality of the featured oils.

The evaluation of olive oils has been carried out according to the “harmony evaluation” method, an index of sensory quality in cooperation with the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP) and the German Olive Oil Panel (PDO). This method makes it possible to identify the quality of olive oils on the market.

For the organization, the Vallejo EVOO provides a complex and harmonious overall impression and a very long persistence of the oil's attributes. Our 100% picual oil has a medium fruitiness, with moderate bitterness and itching, without defects and with green tasting notes.

EVOO Vallejo

Vallejo 100% picual extra virgin olive oil has been recognized with the Gold Medal at the 20th edition of the Zurich International Olive Oil Awards Contest. In the previous year's edition, in 2021, Vallejo EVOO was distinguished with the Silver Medal. This comes to recognize the effort that we put from Vallejo Oils to improve the quality of our oils.

With this recognition, Vallejo has come out of the competition with satisfactory tasting notes such as the aroma of freshly cut leaves, grass, walnut skin, tomato, banana, apples... Harmony, which is defined as the balance between the positive attributes of the oil, has obtained a score of 8 out of 10, while persistence (taste stimuli and sensory sensations that continue after swallowing) has received a score of 7.9.


Vallejo Oils wins the Gold Medal at the Olive Oil Awards Zurich 2022
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