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Aceites Vallejo 5l

Aceites Vallejo 5l

Pomace olive oil. Picual
68,85 €76,50 €
4,59 € / litro
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Your order easily

Your order easily

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Customer service

Customer service

For any doubt, you can call us at +34 953 571 282 or by WhatsApp at +34 674 316 715

Free delivery (for Spain)

Free delivery (for Spain)

Orders usually delay 3 days to deliver (in Spain) and with a maximum of 10 working days.

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What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has been used throughout the history of civilization as food, but also as an ointment thanks to its medicinal properties, for example.

What are the factors K232 and K270 in olive oil?

Factors such as the degree of acidity, its peroxide value and/or the K232 and K270 factors of olive oil.

What is the maximum temperature in the use of olive oil?

We all know that heat and oil is a bad combination. So, what is the maximum temperature in the use of olive oil?

Waht is the recommended amount of olive oil per day?

According to experts, you need to consume a minimum amount of olive oil per day to benefit from its properties.

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