Benefits of olive oil for cracked heels

Benefits of olive oil for cracked heels

Lack of moisture, harsh soaps, dehydration, continuous exposure to water, being overweight, and the wrong type of shoe are some of the most common causes of cracked heels.

Before starting with one of the most effective home remedies, we recommend visiting a podiatrist or dermatologist if your case is extreme (where cracked heels cause pain).

Benefits of using olive oil

Olive oil for cracked heels turns out to be our best ally. In addition to the great benefits to our skin or even our hair, on which olive oil can soothe some symptoms of certain skin conditions, extra virgin olive oil can improve the appearance of cracked heels.

Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, extra virgin olive oil allows us to restore the healthy appearance of our heels. By its moisturizing and healing effects, the skin of our heels will recover its initial appearance. 

Steps on how to use it

Once we have Vallejo extra virgin olive oil, we must follow a double process to eliminate cracked heels and restore their healthy appearance.

With clean feet, the first step is exfoliation. To do this, we will use sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Mix three or four tablespoons of sugar with a splash of olive oil until you get a paste. We distribute it on our cracked heels and remove with plenty of water. If you want, you can use the coffee and olive oil scrub

Exfoliation will remove dead skin from the heels and prepare the skin for the next step.

The second step for cracked heels is the treatment and massage with extra virgin olive oil. We place a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on a cotton ball and spread it over the heels, impregnating them completely. Then, we massage the heels with circular movements to get the olive oil to penetrate as much as possible into the skin.

Once the entire area of ​​the heels is impregnated with olive oil, we put on some socks. Thus, we get the oil to have even more effects and we will avoid staining the sheets. We let it act overnight and the next day, we wash our feet.

It is important that we repeat the process for several days to get our heels to stop being cracked.


Benefits of olive oil for cracked heels
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