Recipe: Olive Oil Crepes

Recipe: Olive Oil Crepes

Crepes are thin dough pancakes of French origin. The great thing about crepes is that once they're made, they can be served with any food. This versatility allows you to combine different foods and make hundreds of recipes until you find your favorite crepe: with chocolate, honey, jam, fruit, vegetables...

In this recipe, we are going to modify the original recipe a bit. As we have said, the origin of crepes is French, a country that uses butter in all recipes, including crepes. However, we will change the butter for the star ingredient of Spain: extra virgin olive oil.

Crepes with olive oil are delicious, healthy and contribute to caring for your cardiovascular health. Write down how to make crepes with olive oil!


To make approximately 12 crepes with olive oil, we will need the following ingredients:

- 150 grams of flour. We can choose the flour that we like the most.

- 3 large eggs.

- 1 cup and a half of milk.

- 25 grams of sugar or sweetener.

- 15 ml of Vallejo EVOO.

- A pinch of salt.


The recipe is very simple and easy to make. We will only need a mixer and a frying pan to cook our crepes.

1. In a blender glass, add the milk, eggs and sugar or sweetener. We go through the blender until everything is mixed.

2. To this mixture, add the flour, salt and Vallejo extra virgin olive oil. Pass it all through the blast chiller again until the dough is slightly thick.

3. With a non-stick frying pan, put the fire at medium power. Before the pan is very hot, we grease the pan with a little more extra virgin olive oil and spread it over the entire surface.

4. When the pan is hot, pour a little batter and spread it all over the pan. We must be especially careful in this step, since the crepes, having a very thin dough, are made right away and we can burn them. To avoid this, when about 40 or 45 seconds have passed, we raise the dough. If it is golden, it means that part is done and we turn it over.

5. It is completely normal if the first crepe does not turn out as expected. You can use it as a test: check if you have added too little or too much dough, if you have left it too much in the fire, etc.

6. We are pouring the dough, little by little, into the pan to make our crepes.

When they're done, you can eat them! There are people who prefer to wait a bit to eat them, but the versatility of crepes will allow you to enjoy them whenever you want.

Pancake menu

If you don't know how to combine olive oil crepes, here we offer you a menu idea so you can enjoy them for a whole day.

For breakfast, try the olive oil pancakes with chocolate and fruit. At the base of the crepes, add a little melted chocolate. You can even put your pancakes on a very low heat in the pan so that the chocolate melts and you can enjoy them warm. Add your favorite fruits and enjoy!

Our favorite fruits for crepes with olive oil are blueberries, bananas, figs, peaches, pears, kiwis... They will sweeten the flavor of your crepes and combine perfectly with that touch of olive oil.

For the midday meal, we are going to make some more consistent crepes: chicken, lettuce and walnut crepes. In the same plate, we have incorporated healthy fats, vegetables and protein. At the base of the crepes, we put a little mayonnaise and add the rest of the ingredients: chicken, lettuce and nuts. Roll up each crepe and eat!

To end the day, we will make some lighter olive oil crepes. To do this, we will prepare pancakes with wild asparagus and brie cheese. Just as we did for breakfast, put the crepe over a very low heat in the pan and add the brie cheese to melt. Add the green asparagus (previously cooked) and roll up.

A top 10 menu with these recipes for olive oil crepes!


Recipe: Olive Oil Crepes
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