EVOO Early Harvest Encinas de Monte Quinto 2021

EVOO Early Harvest Encinas de Monte Quinto 2021

Elaboration process

The production process doesn’t begin with the olive harvest, but much earlier. To start the harvest, it is necessary to determine if the degree of maturity of the fruit is optimal, for which the Jabalquinto farm (Jaén) was visited.

Weeks prior to the beginning of the early harvest, samples were collected from the selected plots to measure the average weight and maturity levels, among other parameters, of the olives. From these samples taken, the oil was extracted at ‘abencor’ to confirm the decision.

The ‘abencor’ system is a practical system that allows obtaining laboratory samples, in this case of oils, and checking the state of the fruit. Thus, the monitoring and appropriate correction of the processes involved is carried out, the quality of the olive oil is monitored, etc.

Based on the results of the samples, it was decided that early harvesting would begin on October 25, also extending to days 26 and 27. Thus, the olive harvest begins. This process is carried out with the use of modern vibrators and a mechanized canvas collection system; so the olive does not suffer any damage.

With the arrival of the fruit at the oil mill on the same day of its collection, the corresponding quality control is carried out, analyzing the average weight, maturity index, fly affection and water stress.

Another parameter taken into account is the temperature at which the olive comes from the field, a reference data for the development of the process. In this campaign, the early harvest extra virgin olive oil Encinas de Monte Quinto has been made with olives that have not exceeded 25ºC. In this way Aceites Vallejo guarantee the quality of the early harvest extra virgin olive oil Encinas de Monte Quinto.

Tasting marks

According to the external analysis, 'the Encinas de Monte Quinto early harvest extra virgin olive oil of picual variety presents a sensory profile characterized by its olfactory-gustatory complexity, highlighting high intensities in positive attributes characteristic of an oil collected in a state of early maturation, with an intense and complex fruity and with clearly green nuances ”.

On the nose, the high-end extra virgin olive oil Encinas de Monte Quinto is reminiscent of the olive leaf and freshly cut grass, giving way to notes of banana peel, green almond and aromatic herbs. The fact of not exceeding 28ºC during the process of making the oil is what has made it possible to obtain such an aromatic oil.

Once in the mouth, the gourmet olive oils of the Picual Encinas de Monte Quinto variety enter in an elegant way, giving rise to a bitter and spicy flavor, which is balanced. The aftertaste has hints of tomato, green walnut, pepper and fig tree.

In conclusion, the EMQ early harvest extra virgin olive oil is a persistent oil, with fresh and minty memories. It is a balanced, harmonious and very complex oil.

Commitment with the environment

All the olive groves on the Encinas de Monte Quinto estate are of Picual variety and attached to the I.P.A (Integrated Production Agriculture). This method of agricultural production respects the environment, ensuring a long-term sustainable system. Thus, integrated production relies on using natural resources, but using fertilizers for pest control.

In addition, a series of photovoltaic panels are installed on the farm to generate the electrical energy necessary for the operation. On the other hand, pruning remains are used as biomass.


EVOO Early Harvest Encinas de Monte Quinto 2021
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