Quality Guarantee

We have Quality and Environment Certificates

The company is always immersed in a plan of constant improvement, based on the following areas: Food harmlessness and safety, quality management and environmental care. All of these points are registered in our Quality Policy.

All of this hard work has achieved the quality certificates obtained, for our national and international markets safety.

Download our Quality Certificates:

Emilio Vallejo, S.A., has several facilities, lab and tasting room, where we make all the physical, chemical and organoleptical controls for the oils we distribute. Our Lab is part of our objective of Quality by the company, taking modern technology and high qualified team, that guarantee the safety in the process and the final product.



Emilio Vallejo, S.A. participates in a consortium for the development of functional food ingredients originating from the olives.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness has granted the help applied through the program FEDER INTERCONECTA for the realization of a project in consortium with the companies Elayotecnica, Acer Campestres, CM Europa which is leaded by Emilio Vallejo, S.A.

The project has the main objective of carrying out the obtention of new olive oils and new functional ingredients with nutraceutical properties coming from the olives, so they can be used massively for food, dietetic, health and well-being industries, in the obtention of diverse functional products.

The program FEDER-INTERCONECTA is an initiative of the Centre for the Industrial and Technological Development (CDTI) with the aim of financing I+D+i projects in cooperation with a big dimension and strategical nature in areas of economical and commercial projection at an international level.

Emilio Vallejo S.A. ha recibido una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional para "Renovación Eficiente de Maquinaria en Zona de Fabricación, dentro del Programa para el desarrollo energético sostenible de Andalucía en el período 2017-2020, que tiene por objetivo conseguir una economía más limpia y sostenible.

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