Aceites Vallejo

A whole life devoted to olive oil

Emilio Vallejo started the olive oil activity in 1967, taking good care of his lands, the olive groves and the final fruit. Later on, he founded the family company Vallejo in 1981, which firstly was a mill producing virgin olive oil and mainly focussed on the production, bottling and distribution.

From the very beginning, Aceites Vallejo has consolidated the expertise, facilities, technical and human resources.



We are among the first Spanish olive oil bottling companies. In order to offer the widest range of products, according to the necesities of each client and each market, we can supply you a wide range of qualities and types of olive oil.

Our bottling lines are ready for any type of bottle, from the smallest formats of 18 ml, up to 5 litres, available in tins, PET and glass bottles.

We offer the choice of bottling our own brands or private label of the client.

In addition, we offer bulk in metal drums of 200 kgs, 1000 L IBCs, flexitanks for sea transport and bulk trucks for inland transport.

Service Priority

Vovación de servicio

Our flexibility in the diverse types of oil, the wide range of bottles and the high focus on customer service, turns our team into your ally.

Aceites Vallejo team throw themselves into the best advice after their expertise in the logistic, document and oil areas.

Being in the middle of the biggest producing area of Olive Oil in the world, makes our clients safe on a product of quality at the most competitive price.



Our Export Department first started in 2000, with high specialization on International documents and logistics, covering a full service for our clients.

Already in over 30 countries in the world, throughout of the continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia), in Aceites Vallejo we look for the expansion and international consolidation.