How to buy

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To buy at Aceites Vallejo is very easy: You only have to choose an item, add it to the cart by clicking the icon and repeat this same operation in all the items you wish. This step is totally reversible, and if you change your mind you can erase the product very easily or even to modify the quantities of products selected.

You can pay your order:

Online Payment (the quickest option)

By credit card by using the safe payment area of your bank entity. None of your data from now on will be available for ACEITES VALLEJO, you will operate privately with your bank entity, and only when you finish the operations with your bank, this will send us a comformity message so we can follow the process of the purchase.

Bank Transfer

If you choose this option, we will provide our bank details and the details of your purchase so you can make a bank transfer. Once the payment is done, please send your bank report by email at or fax +34953572793 for our quick verification. Please, detail the purchase order at the observations of the report. The shipping of the purchase will be fulfilled as soon as we receive this payment.


UE residents.

Prices for the products at sale in our online shop include the National Spanish TAX (I.V.A.).

Residents at foreign countries apart from the EU.

Purchases done by physical or juridical people from extracommunitarian countries will be exent of the payment of the I.V.A tax. Purchases with delivery at Postboxes are not allowed.

We remind you that the prices indicated for delivery costs don't include the import taxes, which will be paid in cash at final destination by the receptionist of the goods.