Policy of Cookies

According to the new normative, EMILIO VALLEJO, S.A. facilitates the users the information of the cookies they are using and the reason of its use, as well as the request of consent in order to use them. The approval of the use of cookies in our web implies the acceptance of each one of the areas under our domain (aceitesvallejo.com)

Cookies are a tool by the web servers in order to store and recover information about their visitors. The small text files which we send to your computer for the obtention of anonymous statistics about the visitors of our web.

Cookies can be appropriate, managed by the domain you are accessing (aceitesvallejo.com) and of which you request a determined service or third part cookies sent to your equipment by a different domain to the one you are accessing.

If you prefer so, you can decide about the implementation or not in your device of the cookies. In this sense, you can configurate your browser for acceptance or refusal, by default, of all the cookies, or in order to receive a warning about the reception of each cookie on the screen and to decide at that moment its implementation or not in your device.

All the cookies which we implement are in general for all users of aceitesvallejo.com, in the case you wish to modify them, you will be able to manage the cookies with the tools of your own browser.

Internet Explorer.

Cookies are essential for the running of Internet, offering countless advantages in the interactive service benefits. However, the sharing of its use among different webs produced social alarm in the personalization context of advertising spaces.

This document will help you in order to understand the different types of cookies which we use and its purpose. As an additional guarantee the acceptance of cookies can be revoked at any moment through the options of content and privacy settings available.


EMILIO VALLEJO, S.A. makes use of Google Analytics for the obtention of statistics information about the use that their users do in their website, such as for example which pages have been visited, if they had technical problems at the access of certain pages. These cookies do not allow the identification of the user, since the information collected is anonymous and will only be used for improvement design tasks of the website and navigation, statistics of use, search speed, measurement of the activity in the website, etc.